This week I have been getting in to the swing of commuting to and from Edinburgh. The best thing about it is the time I now have for reading! I managed to start and finish a book today and I've written up my review already. How productive of me. Find out who I fell in … Continue reading Commuting/reading

More reviews!

Okay, it took a while but I FINALLY managed to write some more reviews. Two new reviews have been posted with more being released over the next week or so. Please do check them out and let me know what you think, always happy to lend books too so let me know if you'd like … Continue reading More reviews!

Website Relaunch

Welcome! If you stumbled across this website in your wanderings through the internet, you must be thinking 'Where is everything? Who creates an empty blog? This is boring.'' Well dear reader, you are not wrong in thinking these things. This is currently a very empty and therefore very dull website, but FEAR NOT. New content … Continue reading Website Relaunch